What is the Value of Disruptive Marketing?

You might have heard this buzzword being thrown around in recent years, but what does disruptive marketing actually mean? And how can we use it effectively? In this blog, we explain why disruptive marketing has become so popular and influential, and we show how it can be a valuable tool when you are running a marketing campaign.


What is disruptive marketing?

The idea of disruptive marketing actually stems from a concept called disruptive innovation. This is where a product displaces something well-established from the market by anticipating the needs of its user and filling a gap that the other product had failed to. We can see this in operation with streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu taking over from cable television.

Similarly, disruptive marketing looks at what is missing from typical marketing campaigns and steps outside the box. The best disruptive marketing campaigns will either challenge the conventional thinking within an existing market or connect with a new one. People tune out when they’ve seen the same old thing over and over again! Disruptive marketing involves giving your audience what they want, and this often requires you to create a story which connects with people on a personal level.


Source: Study Breaks


The benefits of disruptive marketing


Shift the perception of your brand

One of the benefits of disruptive marketing is being able to shift the perception of your brand from just another company selling something unnecessary and boring, to someone who understands your needs and can fulfil them.


Connect to customers

The great thing about disruptive marketing is that it allows you to engage with your customers on a more personal level. This is far more rewarding than churning out the same old repetitive content because it allows you to get creative and start telling a story.


Prevent copy-cats

Another highlight of disruptive marketing is that once you’ve shaken things up in your industry, no one else can duplicate the effect you’ve had. They can try to do something similar but it won’t have the same effect because the impact comes from being original, not being a copy-cat.


How do you use disruptive marketing?


Create an emotional response

The best disruptive marketing campaigns are those that elicit a significant emotional response from their audience – whether this is humour, happiness, sadness, or a mixture! You want to create something that will be remembered, and connecting through emotion is the best way to do this.


Step into your customer’s shoes

People want to feel involved with a story and that their particular needs are being catered for. When creating a disruptive marketing campaign, you need to first think about your audience. What does this audience need to hear that is currently missing? What kind of story do they see themselves being a part of?


Be unique

Marketing campaigns that cause the most disruption are those that stand out from the crowd. You might think that following a particular formula will get results, but in disruptive marketing, the idea is to throw the rule book out of the window! The best disruptive marketing campaigns involve originality and if you take a risk and put some bold content out there, it’s sure to generate a buzz.