Niche Marketing vs Mass Marketing

In this blog, I’ll be talking about the differences between niche and mass marketing, looking at which approach is best suited to which businesses and why.

There is both rhyme and reason behind these tactics but pushing for the wrong one could have a negative impact on your brand, resulting in wasted time and effort. Whether you’re working to an established budget or not, there’s little point in throwing money at a marketing strategy that is unlikely to provide the best return on investment.

After exploring the pros and cons of both mass and niche marketing, I’ll be looking into their impact when applied to search visibility. For this, we will be focusing on choosing the right keywords and then the wider content strategies for businesses.


What is Niche Marketing?

As the name suggests, this form of marketing is all about capitalising on a refined, targeted audience. It lends itself to a brand that really knows what they are selling and who have a good understanding of their customers. With niche marketing, there is a strong emphasis on building a relationship with clients/customers and to do that, you need to know exactly what it is that they want and need.

The downside? You are working with a smaller share of the market. In some respects, you are limited in terms of the selling potential. However, when implemented correctly, niche marketing gives you the opportunity to target the exact kind of audience that is ready and willing to buy into your brand. What’s more, this strategy often requires a lower budget than a full-scale mass marketing approach and can provide quantifiable results, too.

As opposed to mass marketing, a niche marketing strategy almost always takes place online. Here, you can use your knowledge of the target audience to implement keywords that will help increase your search visibility.


niche marketing


Can it Work for Your Business?

For small businesses, and those who have a solid understanding of their user base, this can be a highly effective strategy for generating revenue and gaining exposure online. When it comes to search visibility, niche marketing is probably the ideal choice. If you know your customers, then the chances are you know the kind of things they are searching for, too. Use this to your advantage! When carrying out your keyword research, you want to look out for those highly-relevant, nice search terms. Implementing those in your content marketing will help you gain organic visibility in the search results and provide answers to the questions your future customers are asking.


What is Mass Marketing?

Pretty much the polar opposite of niche: think mass media, mass distribution and huge audience potential. Traditionally, mass marketing is associated with offline mediums, such as print publications or radio ads. But given that e-commerce sales are constantly increasing, you may be wondering where exactly a mass marketing strategy can get you in terms of your search visibility. This strategy can indeed be applied online, whether that’s through online advertising or via your content strategy. But will this lead to an engaged readership that’s ready to buy?


niche marketing


Can it Work for Your Business?

Answering this question largely depends on the kind of business/website you are running, as well as the budget available. Due to the scalability of this strategy, mass marketing often requires a considerable investment. After all, you’re aiming to reach as wide an audience as possible, and for that, it’ll cost.

First off, you need to ask yourself whether what you’re selling will appeal to a mass audience or not. This means people of all different ages and demographics. Think also about the kind of relationship you want to build with your customers/followers; it can be hard to develop much of an audience bond when the audience is so sizeable. Lastly, you need to consider the goal. Is this an exercise in brand awareness? Do you want to rank number one on Google? Before you implement your chosen approach, you need to set some goals so that you can then measure the success.


Can mass marketing be applied to search visibility?

Having touched on rankings, it’s important to assess the role that your search visibility plays in your business’ success. While mass marketing isn’t typically associated with the online medium, it can still play a role in increasing your presence online.

Ever noticed how big companies seem to give coverage to almost anything that’s trending, regardless of brand relevance? It’s no coincidence. A lot of businesses will latch onto whatever’s hot purely for exposure. This is because they are adopting a mass marketing approach to their optimisation and content strategy.

Due to the nature of trending news, whether that’s kick off times for the World Cup or the latest Fortnite skins, by giving coverage to a popular search term, companies are likely to increase the traffic to their site. But there is a downside. If the content you’re putting out doesn’t align with your overall message, users aren’t likely to stick around for long. You can set up remarketing ads to try and bring visitors back, but if you’re marketing to the wrong audience, then it could be wasted money.

For brand exposure and getting traffic to your site, this kind of mass marketing optimisation can be a good tactic. But for audience retention? Or for sales? It’s not as strong as a well-considered niche marketing campaign can be. 




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