Google Trends Reveals Our Christmas Habits

Most of us don’t go a day without Googling now, and there is no difference here when it comes to our Christmas queries and habits. In a festive-themed blog, we look at what Google Trends reveals about some of our favourite seasonal things.

Christmas in popular media

Looking at Google Trends, we can learn a lot about how excited we get for Christmas music and films – and how particular artists or films enjoy seasonal popularity.

Mariah Carey is the Queen of Christmas

While Mariah Carey has a substantial music catalogue, she is the best example of someone who becomes particularly popular in November and December. The people love those high notes and this song – particularly after watching Love Actually – so she really is the queen of Christmas!

Die Hard really is a Christmas movie!

The age-old debate always resurfaces around this time of year. Is Die Hard really a Christmas film just because it is set on Christmas Eve?

Well, Google Trends seems to have shown us the answer once and for all. Most people choose to Google this film in the run-up to Christmas, suggesting that its status as a Christmas film has been pretty firmly cemented. Justice for all those who say it’s their favourite!

However, we can also see how Die Hard compares in terms of searches for other classic Christmas films. In this instance, it may have to take the loss against Home Alone!

Christmas food

Just like Mariah, turkey shines at Christmas

There is no disputing that turkey is a once-a-year cuisine in the UK, as can be seen by the number of people looking up where to buy a turkey and how to cook one only in December. Unfortunately, this bird loses to chicken at most other times of the year but the tradition of turkey for Christmas stands strong!

Battle of the Christmas desserts

Many people have strong opinions when it comes to their favourite Christmas dessert. These, again, are foods that mainly enjoy seasonal popularity, but some seem to be Googled more than others as you can see from the Trends chart below!

Christmas cake is likely the most popular as it’s the one people tend to make rather than buy, so there will be a lot of people looking for a suitable recipe before they get started in the kitchen.

Christmas events

A few years ago we would have thought that Christmas events, such as markets and lights, would be just as popular each year. However, due to the pandemic, many Christmas events were cancelled in 2020 as people were advised to stay indoors and minimise contact, so you can see that searches for these sorts of events had a dip.

Christmas gifts

When it comes to buying presents for our parents, many of us struggle with ideas! There is a common belief that the dads out there are especially difficult to buy for but what does the Google Trends data say? Well, ‘Christmas gifts for mum’ is actually the more popular search term. We wonder whether this means people actually need more ideas for mum, or perhaps mums are just getting more presents!

Changing Christmas habits

Concern for the environment

Over the years, it seems that people have become more concerned about their impact on the environment at Christmas time. Searches around ‘Sustainable Christmas’ were not too popular back in 2012 through to 2017, but in the last five years, this has become a more searched and therefore arguably more important aspect for many people.

Letterbox Christmas gifts

Letterbox Christmas gifts got popular in the pandemic lockdowns too, and it seems they are still holding onto some of that popularity! People have realised that you can show someone you care for them with a small (and easy to deliver) gesture if you won’t see them for Christmas or another special occasion. 

Looking to the New Year

Once Christmas is over, we’ll be ready to tackle 2023. But how have people’s searches around the New year changed over time?

The trends in people Googling around ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ show that people actually seem less bothered about making resolutions than in previous years in the UK – perhaps because we’ve had quite an unusual time over these past few years!

That’s just a small insight into how we all behave around Christmas based on what we Google. Google Trends is a great tool for looking at what is popular at certain times and seeing how behaviour changes over the years.

We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!