Spotlight: How First Aid Bristol Are Working Towards a Simplified Digital Future

Welcome back to our Spotlight series! We spoke to Oliver Lyndale, the Operations Manager at First Aid Bristol, about how digital technologies can make an online business much simpler and easier to manage, freeing up time to focus on other areas. He also puts forward a pretty persuasive argument as to why everyone needs to learn first aid!


What was your central goal when creating the new website for First Aid Bristol?

We wanted to create a modern website that really reflected the work and services we provide. So many other first aid providers appear formal and boring and this is also true for many of the training methods they employ. We believe that first aid training should be delivered in a fun and engaging way, as they are practical skills that empower people, and we wanted our website to showcase that message to anyone interested in first aid.


What are the biggest challenges you face when building an online presence?

The largest challenge whilst developing our online presence has been creating comprehensive content that works both for the user and also from a digital marketing and SEO perspective.

There is a large amount of information to take into consideration and it needs to work from a technical angle while at the same time providing our customers with clear and concise information.


How has digital technology enabled you to create a simplified business model? And do you think this approach can be adopted by other businesses?

I am a firm believer in automation and reducing the time wasted on ‘back-of-house’ processes wherever possible. This frees up time to focus on growing the business and making sure we are delivering the best service possible.

Over the last year, we have built a comprehensive system that manages the customer UX (user experience) from the moment they enquire to the moment they walk away with their qualification. This has involved creating a custom CRM (customer relationship management) that communicates with our events scheduling, events management and payment processes.

Moving forward, there is still a lot of work to be done, but each new feature makes our business processes more efficient and this all saves time and money!


Do you think AI and automation technologies will continue to make it easier to operate an online business?

Our focus will continue to be on our administration processes. As we grow as a company and take on more training staff, it is fast becoming apparent that staying on top of bookings and the courses timetable is the largest consumer of our time.

Our next development will be a system to manage our first aid trainers’ information to make sure that they are always informed about their upcoming courses. This will be done automatically by the management system. That way, we should never drop a beat!


Over the last two years, have you seen a change in how consumers find and book onto first aid courses? 

Our enquiries have always come through a variety of routes but something that is very clear is how important our website is. 

Whether someone uses the AI chat bot, the contact form, drops us a call or just books through the site, this is where we see people start their journey. Currently, it seems to be fairly evenly spread through all of these avenues.


How would you encourage people to take part in first aid training?

Everyone should know first aid! Having a basic understanding of how to deal with an emergency or an accident can save lives and, at the very least, provide emotional support for people in difficult situations.

All of our first aid courses are designed for people of all backgrounds. Whether you are in a group or attending as an individual, our highly experienced team makes all of their courses inclusive, fun and exciting.

We have also designed a designated first aid training space that is inviting and comfortable. This really makes people feel more at home and enthusiastic about learning.


What would be your top 3 reasons for doing a first aid course?

1) Learn valuable life skills that can save lives.

2) Help to build your confidence and acting abilities.

3) Achieve recognised qualifications that can boost a CV.


Thank you very much to Oliver from First Aid Bristol! It’s always super interesting to hear how different companies are using technology to manage their online presence and make their business model more efficient.


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