Christmas Shopping Trends & Predictions for 2021

The expectations are high for Christmas this year after Christmas was “cancelled” at the last minute last year due to coronavirus restrictions. The main prediction is that shoppers will be going all out this year, with many already getting fully into the Christmas spirit. We take a look at some of the shopping trends you can expect to see for Christmas 2021.

Encouraging shoppers to start earlier

For a while now, we’ve seen many shops encouraging people to get their orders in sooner rather than later. This is due to concerns over the supply chain and transport issues that have been impacting the UK recently.

Retailers are pre-warning customers about potential hold-ups just in case, and encouraging earlier shopping should allow them to plan earlier and ease the pressure on any potential late surge in demand.

Food on the brain

Although fresh produce can only last so long, the presence of certain food shortages this year may have consumers already stockpiling certain festive goodies that can be frozen or that last longer. 

It is likely that food and drink will be a big part of many Christmas celebrations this year, with families and loved ones wanting to come together in style, and with as much merriment as possible!

Waiting for Black Friday

While many retailers are encouraging shoppers to start early, some will be holding out for any Black Friday deals they can get their hands on, especially after what has been a financially tough year or so for many.

Ecommerce businesses should prepare to take advantage of Black Friday where possible, running any promotions or offering special discounts to existing customers to encourage repeat purchasing.

In-store and online

Now that high street shops are largely open as usual again, there is likely to be a split between in-store and online shopping for Christmas 2021. Some people will crave that in-store Christmas shopping experience, while others will stick to the ease of having their Christmas shopping delivered to them.

It is still important for businesses to maximise their ecommerce offering, however, as many will choose to shop online – whether that’s for reasons of safety, convenience or just wanting to avoid the mania of the crowds!

Thoughtful gifting

Shopping with intention is likely to be a big trend this year, with people wanting to show friends and loved ones how much they care after being separated when restrictions were in place.

Personalised gifts, for example, may prove to be popular, as well as higher-quality items that have been made to last, such as homewares and jewellery.

Supporting small businesses

Everyone was acutely aware of how small businesses struggled during the stricter periods of coronavirus restrictions, with some even having to close their doors for good. Therefore, it is likely there will be a strong intention to support small businesses as much as possible this Christmas, particularly when it comes to things like handmade arts and crafts.

Eco-friendly gifts (and wrapping!)

With increasing warnings about our impact on the planet and COP26 taking place this month, more people will also likely look towards eco-friendly gift options this Christmas. Practical but fun items such as reusable water bottles and coffee cups are likely to be popular options for well-intentioned gifting.

Wrapping and decoration is another thing to consider when it comes to being more sustainable. With many types of wrapping not able to go in the recycling bin, Hobbycraft is also expecting a rise in interest in recyclable products, with brown-paper biodegradable wrap forecast to be a bestseller as customers try to move away from using large amounts of wrapping paper.


These are just some of the Christmas shopping trends we can expect to see this year, with many people still preferring to shop online and take advantage of Black Friday deals, while others will be focused on shopping with small and local businesses.

Either way, it seems that a lot of us are hoping we can enjoy the full celebration that we missed last year!