The Smart Way To Use Price Extensions

If you run an Adwords campaign you’re probably aware that you can use sitelinks, call and location extensions to enhance your Google ads. It makes sense that adding extra pieces of information about your business gives customers more incentive to click.

Price extensions, which appear below your text ad on desktop and mobile, are traditionally and primarily used to display the price of various products. But did you know that price extensions can be used in ways other than simply displaying product prices?

Steven Johns has come up with a rather clever way of using price extensions to show salary levels instead:


Steve Johns comment on price extensions examples

price extension example to show salary levels

Source: LinkedIn


This is pretty smart because price extensions are boxed off and displayed in a bold font, making them far more eye-catching than sitelink extensions, which are more commonly used to display this kind of additional information.

What’s more, when viewed on a smartphone or tablet, you can engage with price extensions better than other extensions. By swiping left and right, you can easily view all the relevant information. They can show as a set of up to 8 cards, allowing users to view several different options and prices.


“Did you know that price extensions can be used in ways other than simply displaying product prices?”


Better still, you can actually use price extensions like this in addition to sitelinks, callouts etc. to take up more space in Search Engine results pages. More than just gaining prominence in SERPS, using price extensions in this way is like star-fishing in a double bed; you would actually be pushing your competitors further below the fold while you enjoy more room.

So hats off to Steve. With so much competition in the field today, it’s this kind of creative thinking that gets you ahead of the game. His LinkedIn post got us thinking, how else might we use Adwords price extensions more creatively?

One interesting way could be to demonstrate your service pricing. This would be particularly good for B2B and multi-service businesses, like ourselves, as you can showcase a selection of your services and their price. From this price menu, people could go directly to the service that most interests them on your site. This would get users to where they want to be faster and, in theory, should result in higher quality leads for you. Happy user. Happy you.


Screenshot of Google Adwords price extensions examples


As it stands, there are very few companies using price extensions in this way right now. With TV advert sales falling for the first time since the 2009 recession this month, more major brands are moving online, focusing their efforts on search and social. This could mean that price-per-click will soon skyrocket, so it’s more important than ever for digital marketers to be thinking creatively in this way.




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