Upgrading Your Website's Performance With Video Content

If you’re looking for fresh and effective marketing strategies to increase your business’ ROI, look no further than video content. Well executed video content is an outstandingly engaging method of communicating your brand values and the quality of your product or service to users visiting your website. Despite the effectiveness of video at engaging with consumers and converting visitors into sales, many businesses still won’t commit the budget to creating quality video content for their sites.


It’s actually very understandable. Many businesses simply aren’t aware of the growing demand for videos, a demand which is actually staggering – market projections have it that, by 2017, online video will make up approximately 70% of all consumer internet traffic [source]. More so than this, the majority of businesses still think of video as a niche media form that they are not at all prepared to produce themselves.

Here at The Click Hub, far too often we see businesses with great products and great sites missing out on valuable conversions because, above all else, they don’t know how to create an effective video. In this blog, we offer six key tips to creating business-boosting video content.

1. Keep it short and simple:

As the majority of marketeers and business owners will know, consumer attention spans are short. Recent research by Microsoft has the average attention span of human beings at only 8 seconds! That isn’t much time to grab the attention of a potential customer. This research confirms that brevity is key in producing any kind of effective marketing content. The favourability of video appears to stem from the widespread consumer interest in short, concise information delivery; many people can no longer be bothered to read, they’d rather watch. So keep your videos short! If you’re covering a complicated topic that requires a longer video, try breaking it up into a series of shorter ones instead.

2. Relevant and confident delivered content:

Try to produce videos about topics your target audience will be interested in, or that will be helpful to them. You can explore market research, or stick with tried and tested topics such as how to use your products or how you conduct your service, both of which can be very engaging for viewers. What’s more, these types of videos are relationship building; if a consumer has learnt how to effectively wallpaper their living room from a video on your site, they are more likely to purchase the necessary tools for doing so from your site as well. Having someone appear in, or voice-over your video is very useful too, as it saves viewers the trouble of reading information on the screen and promotes B2C relationships. Do make sure, if someone does appear in your video, that their delivery is confident and assured – their attitude should reflect the standard of your product or service!

3. Fresh and creative content:

Coming up with interesting and engaging content can be difficult, especially if you upload frequently. Try having brainstorming sessions with your staff, these can be very fruitful for coming up with engaging new ideas. Otherwise, get in touch with a digital marketing agency to help you in coming up with and producing video content – the cost is well worth the reward as effective video can hugely improve your ROI.

4.  Professional touches:

Small touches such as a brief opening title sequence and end credits, mentioning all those involved in creating the content, give an air of professionalism to your video which translates well into improving conversions. If your site and the content on your site appear professional, consumers are more likely to trust in your brand, and more likely to buy from your company.

5. Internal links:

A big ranking factor for Google is the number of internal links on your site (links on your site that deliver users to other pages on your site). By including internal links in your video content, especially if you upload new videos regularly, you can do wonders for your organic Google rankings.

6. High quality visual and audio:

Using the right equipment in the right way is so important in producing effective video content. Videos with attractive visuals and clear audio are far more successful in aiding conversions than those without, and are far more likely to be watched all the way through. This is the aspect of video creation that most businesses struggle with, as knowing what equipment to use, and the right way to use it requires some level of expertise. This is a time to invest in a little help from an expert; whether for consultation, or to film and edit the video itself, getting an experienced professional to aid you in the production process can go a long way to producing polished, professional and effective video content. The potential ROI is well worth the price tag!

If you can put just a few of these tips to use, it can have a great benefit for your business in terms of both brand awareness and online sales. If you want to take full advantage of the conversion opportunity provided by professionally executed video content, The Click Hub’s in-house expert provides a full, bespoke photography and videography service. Get in touch today for more details!

Jimmy Rothwell