The Big Fat SEO Quiz of the Year

There have been some pretty big SEO news stories this year, creating some pretty big ripples in the SEO pond. As always, anyone working in the field has had to be nothing less than an olympic athlete, in terms of the speed and flexibility with which they’ve had to work in order to keep up with all the changes.

As 2016 draws to a close, we thought that – rather than simply recap all this SEO news for you – we’d test your knowledge a little with our very own Big Fat Quiz of the Year. How many questions will you get right..?


1.In September, Google rolled out a new update that mainly effected Local search results. What was the name of this update?

A  Penguin

B  Potato

C  Possum

D  Pingu


2. This year, Google’s AI machine came into the limelight as Google announced that it was their third most important ranking signal. What is the name of this self-learning machine?

A  Rank Brain

B  Rank Brian

C  Wall E

D  Brian


3. What were the other top 2 signals Google revealed?

A  Metadata and keywords

B  Content and keywords

C  Page load speed and links

D  Links and content


4. In April, Google changed the colour of paid ads to green. But what colour were they BEFORE the change?

A  Yellow

B  Blue

C  Red

D  Trick question – they’ve always been green!

5. In March, Google updated their Quality Rater Guidelines. One of the changes meant an increased emphasis on E-A-T. What does this mean?

A  Literally eat – we all need to be eating more and spending less time online
B  Expertise, Arrogance & Tweets

C  Expertise, Authoritativeness &Trustworthiness
D  Education, Authority & Trustworthiness


6. Pandas are adorable animals who, sadly, don’t much like to procreate. Panda is also the name of one of the core elements of Google’s ranking algorithm, as revealed this year. What does the Google Panda do?

A  Measures the quality of a site

B  Penalises sites for ‘bad’ or paid links

C  Alters local search rankings

D  Mainly just rolls around eating bamboo


7. In early march, a previously important SEO tool was switched off. What was this tool?

A  Mozbar

B  Tagmaster

C  PageRank

D  Page Speed Insights


8. This year, mobile browsing officially overtook desktop browsing, mobile un-friendly sites were penalised and Google rolled out a new mobile-index. Google also backed a project with the aim of speeding up the delivery of content through the use of stripped down code known as AMP HTML. What does AMP stand for?

A  Amplified Mobile Pages

B  Accelerate Mobile Plugin 

C  Accelerated Mobile Pages

D  Anna’s Mostly Perfect


9. Google recently revealed 2016’s top searches across the globe. What was the #1 search?

A  Donald Trump

B  Brexit

C  David Bowie

D  Pokemon Go


10. If 2015 was the year of the infographic, 2016 was arguably the year of video. SEO news sites and blogs were filled with stories encouraging people to use video content as video consumption on mobile has increased by a whopping 844% since 2012. Youtube is now the second most-used search engine after Google but, with 135.8 million views, what was the most watched Youtube video in the UK this year?

A   Donald Trump: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

B  James Cordon’s Carpool Karaoke with Adele

C  John Lewis’ Christmas Advert

D  Rihanna – ‘Work’ (Explicit) feat. Drake




1. C

2. A

3. D

4. A

5. C

6. A

7. B

8. D… just kidding, it’s B.

9. D

10. B 




 So, that’s the end of our Big Fat SEO news Quiz of the Year. How many questions did you get right? Tweet us your score! @TheClickHub 

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us here at The Click Hub!