Google Takes A Stand On Mobile Friendly Sites - Will Yours Comply With The New Algorithm?

Google has announced that on April 21st this year, they will be launching their mobile search algorithm, meaning that they will start considering a site’s mobile friendliness in the ranking process. This is not a surprise move from the search engine giant, due to the ever increasing amount of mobile web traffic, with over 50% of web traffic now happening on mobile devices.

However, if you’re site isn’t completely mobile friendly yet, don’t panic. Google has said that the algorithm will run in real-time. This means you can make your site mobile responsive at any time (even after April 21st) and Google will recognise it and begin benefitting your ranking. This said, if your website is updated infrequently and rarely boasts fresh content, you may want to get your site made mobile friendly sooner rather than later, as your pages will be indexed more slowly than more active sites.

Google has told us that the algorithm will run on a page-by-page basis, so if only some of your site’s pages are mobile friendly, these will benefit, while the other pages will not. While you should be aiming for a completely mobile responsive site, this page-by-page principle takes the pressure off needing to get all of your pages converted by April 21st, as your website’s mobile friendly pages will be recognised, even if not all of them are responsive.

We recommend you think about ensuring your website is mobile friendly as soon as possible in order to reap the benefits of Google’s soon to be launched algorithm. Use this information to get ahead of competitors and prove that you’re an innovative business.

For information about how you achieve full mobile responsiveness to comply with Google’s upcoming changes, get in touch with The Click Hub today and ensure your business is reaching its full online marketing potential.