Does Email Marketing Still Work?

Unsurprisingly, since the GDPR came into effect in May of this year, there have been various questions flying around the internet, with lots of people fearing this could mean the end for email marketing success. Who can and can’t be contacted? And how does GDPR change your strategy for promotional emails? The answer, as it turns out, may not mean much has to change at all.

Ultimately, there are countless ways to get your brand seen and a whole host of different methods for putting your message out to potential customers. Is email marketing still one of the best tactics? The stats seem to suggest so…

There may be an overwhelming number of platforms in use, but the fact remains that we are still bound by emails for a huge portion of our daily communication. So much so that it is estimated in 2018 alone, a staggering 281 billion emails will be sent and received PER DAY in 2018. Seems like a fair bit of opportunity to me!

But before you get started with your revamped campaigns, we have some email marketing tips to read through first…

Be Compliant

Since the GDPR, the rules for email marketing have been tightened. That means, first and foremost, you need to be sure you are adhering to the new regulations before you hit the send button. Whilst the GDPR is only applicable to those in the EU, many have chosen to implement the regulations on a global scale, so as to demonstrate privacy awareness.

The reality is that many people have now opted out of communications. But on the bright side? This means that you have the power to rebuild your list of contacts. And with a much greater awareness of how data is captured, processed and stored, you are in a far better position to do so; going forward, everyone who opts in to communication will likely be an interested recipient.

Email Marketing Tips


Getting the most out of email marketing

Whether you’ve got one million subscribers or just the one, each and every email you send is an opportunity to convert, get your message out there and promote what your business has to offer. Unless, of course, you’ve decided like J.D Wetherspoon to abandon emails altogether and delete every single customer from the database…

In 2018, we are seeing some changes to the way email marketing is taking shape. Part of this change highlights a focus on truly being human. So maybe lose some of that catalogue speak and put a little more emphasis on telling a story. People tend to buy into a brand if they can make a connection with the people behind the company; give your customers the opportunity to connect with you. You can do this more effectively through interactive, engaging content. Try and focus on providing insight as opposed to a solely product or service-based email.

Another change on the horizon is trialling out shorter, more bitesize emails. That may mean making your emails less image-led, but it could also be achieved by simply reducing the amount of text. Both of these have the same impact: delivering snappy, easy-to-read content that is perfect for the busy individual.


Email Marketing is Constantly Evolving

Yes, we may have hundreds of other options to advertise and promote our businesses, but through continued innovation, email marketing campaigns can be hugely successful. Big or small, any change to the way things are usually done can throw a spanner in the works, so it’s not surprising that the new regulations have ruffled some feathers. But the biggest key to success is always staying on top of those changes.

For more email marketing tips, as well as advice on other aspects of digital marketing, take a look at our blog. Or if you’ve got a question, please feel free to get in touch!