Dynamic Structured Snippets For Google Adwords

Google have announced that there will be a slight change to how some paid ads appear to searchers, in the addition of dynamic structured snippets.

Dynamic structured snippets show a line of additional information about your site or ad which helps people make better informed decisions when deciding which site to click into. The additional line will be information that reflects categories of content found on your site.


At the moment, the newly launched snippets will only be configured for ads related to hotel, flights or retail. If you are eligible for structured dynamic snippets on your ads, Google will input them automatically – you don’t have to do anything. You do have the opportunity to opt out, however Google have said that automated extensions tend to boost the overall performance of an ad and are also a factor in Ad Rank, so they will be beneficial in terms of ranking and click through rates.

Those of us whose sites and paid ads do not relate to flights, hotels or retail will have to wait as Google have said that there will be additional verticals added later this year.

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