Don’t Miss Out On Cyber Monday!

Cyber Monday is a massive opportunity for businesses as it is one of the most important days of the year in terms of online retail traffic. It’s a digital alternative to Black Friday; a huge day of shopping and discounts to mark the beginning of the christmas shopping season. Online sales on Cyber Monday are always notoriously high, with Amazon UK announcing 2013’s Cyber Monday to be the “busiest shopping day in it’s history”, making £4.1m in a day, (as reported in The Guardian). This year, Cyber Monday falls on the 1st December and marks a day where the majority of consumers will begin to panic that Christmas is just around the corner and rush to buy presents online.

So how can you make the most of Cyber Monday? If you’re an e-commerce site, we recommend you invest in running some Google Adwords or Google Shopping ads in order to take full advantage of this spectacular gift to retailers. You can create ads which are dedicated to Cyber Monday with any special discounts you wish to use to entice people in. People will be looking for discounts and bargains in particular on this day so make any discounts obvious in your ad. You could even make it clear on your site’s landing page that you are participating in Cyber Monday. With the potential to make a lot of sales on this day, the ROI for your ads should be very good.

With Cyber Monday not long away, you need to plan and submit your ads as soon as possible or if you’re really on the ball, you can start getting organised for the January sales rush. The Click Hub are Google Adwords certified and experts in managing ad campaigns and accounts. We are currently offering £75 worth of free clicks for new customers who spend £25 initially, to give prospective clients an idea of how Adwords could benefit their business.


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