Black Friday UK Online Sales Increase By 135% Year-On-Year, But The Majority Of SMEs Fail To Profit From Digital Opportunities.

It’s no secret that these days, more and more consumers are using the internet to make purchases, with studies showing that three quarters shop online and 66% are using the web to search for information about goods and services. Black Friday saw a huge spike in online sales not only on the day itself, but throughout the whole month of November, causing a 37% month-on-month spending surge. Online sales figures have been creeping up over the years, with many consumers now using mobile phones and tablets to buy online. In fact, the sales engagement platform Buzzboard, reported that a significant 30% of online sales on Black Friday were made via mobile devices. Yet compare this statistic to the fact that 80% of SME’s websites are not available over platforms such as smartphones and tablets, and you’ll get an idea of the profit that SMEs are missing out on by not digitally marketing themselves effectively.

While the digital age offers huge opportunities to SMEs, allowing them to generate business 24 hours a day, most are not taking advantage of this enormous potential. 44% of SMEs don’t have a website, while 93% of the ones that do fail to provide a contact number on their homepage. E-mail marketing is a gift to SMEs as it is reliable, cost efficient and can reach a huge audience, however surprisingly only 15% use it, while a minuscule 11% of this group use e-mails to send promotions. Digital marketing allows SMEs to expand and operate in a way, and on a scale that would not be possible without the internet, yet there is such a small percentage who take full advantage of these digital opportunities.

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