Are you ready for mobile? Connect, Communicate, Convert

It’s time to think differently. With multiple marketing channels, increasingly demanding consumers and technology continuing to advance by the day, it can be more and more challenging to target your market effectively. Everywhere we glance, we are flooded with messages and adverts, all promoting new products, services and experiences. It’s been predicted we are exposed to 3,500 daily messages, of which 99% have no impact so one may ask, what really captures us, to actually stop and pay attention?
Our answer to cutting through all of this marketing soup… is mobile.


Mobile marketing can be a highly effective channel and is set to be the biggest trend of 2016. It can enable any brand to tap into their consumers needs, wants and desires, at home, in transition and on the go. With devices such as smartwatches, marketers can now track user movement and behaviour more accurately and can aid with location based advertising. So one may wonder, how can I benefit from mobile and how is it effective?


One way is tracking mobile consumers and examining behaviour. With 40% of consumers predicted to be researching products on the smartphone before purchasing on their desktop, tracking seems essential. Indicators such as directions, store locations, opening times, in-store visits and coupon downloads are all highly useful.


Next up, are mobile apps. What better way to engage and interact with consumers but by simple, helpful, accessible apps. These can be essential in building brand loyalty, and providing experience; where consumers can live the brand, live the experience. Many large firms are doing this well, but a business of any size can be successful in doing so, by using fairly simple technology. As long as you provide value exchange, a benefit, a relief for both consumers and your business, you will be able to develop loyalty among your most valued clientele. Apps also provide a means for customers to co-create and eventually sets the potential for them to play a role in your marketing too. Interaction creation can lead to stronger brand experiences, more meaningful engagement with brands and thus make customers more loyal.


Equally, mobile listening is set to go beyond text and be hand in hand with your mobile device. Listening will allow marketers to become aware and knowledgeable of the images of their products that are being shared on social media, or any other consumer communication, the location of the user as well as the sentiment associated with it.


Another way of enabling effective engagement, retention and increasing user experience, is through mobile video advertising. This also allows you to most importantly preserve your current client base, rather than building huge numbers of new, but not yet loyal traffic. Mobile videos can also play a major role in storytelling, transmitting your purpose and creating brand authenticity. Reaching out to people as passionate as you are, allows for further engagement, generates conversation and means your mobile consumers can be unified in vision which can be a hugely powerful force.


So, as technology continues to advance, marketers are becoming savvier. Mobile is arguably fast becoming one of the most important channels to connect, communicate and convert. We hope you’re ready for mobile… we certainly are.


If you’d like to speak to one of our team about preparing your business for mobile, we’d love to hear from you!