5 Digital Marketing Resolutions for 2019

Most of us roll our eyes at the idea of new year resolutions, and it’s true that they don’t always work, but a fresh start can provide just the boost your business needs. Whether the demons you’re facing are an outdated website or neglected content production,  invest some time and brainpower into your digital marketing and make 2019 your year.


Carefully Plan Your Strategy


There is no point just trying a few things out and hoping for the best – you’ll end up wasting valuable energy, time and money. Instead, formulate a clear plan for your digital marketing. What do you need to focus on? Which areas of the business are you trying to promote? What’s the best way to reach your audience? Once you’ve answered these questions, you can begin to formulate an effective strategy. Whether you’re focusing on increasing your social media output, starting a digital PR campaign, or branching into Google ads, make sure you do it with goals in mind.


Measure Your Journey


We’re not saying that keeping a diary should be one of your 2019 resolutions but you should remember that tracking your digital data is important. You need to look at how people are using your site in order to understand how to connect with them. Analysing trends in search visibility, traffic and conversions will tell you if your digital strategy is working as it should be. Time spent on your website and bounce rates are both good indicators of whether your current website is engaging enough.


Try Out a New Look


On a related note, user experience on your website is just as important as getting traffic. If your website looks unappealing or is hard to use, people will simply abandon the page! Refreshing your website is a big task but it can have really beneficial results. You could even try putting together a small group of consumers and noting any responses or comments to the current site – this will help you understand what you need to change.


Make Connections


One of the simplest and most effective techniques for digital marketing is simply reaching out and making connections with other people in your industry. Collaborations will help you to reach a wider audience – in whichever way you choose to do it. Whether you work on producing some content with another platform or simply ask them to mention your work, it’s always worth forming new partnerships.


Invest Time in Your Content


We know that updating your blog is not always a priority but this valuable tool often gets abandoned and neglected. In 2019, why not try setting aside a bit of time each week to think about your content? Stay up to date with industry updates and news reports and you can provide some really valuable commentary to your readers. Make sure you combine your blog with your social channels for maximum reach.


These are just a few resolutions you can make to change up your approach to digital marketing in 2019! There might be something else that works for your business though, just make sure to set some achievable goals and really work towards them.




Are you looking for some guidance on your digital marketing strategy? You’re always welcome to get in touch with us.