Three Inexpensive PPC Techniques For Better Results.

Getting a great ROI from your marketing campaigns is a high priority for every small business owner, but how do you ensure this happens? At The Click Hub, we understand that there will be different marketing strategies which will work differently for different businesses. We recently read an insightful PPC article written by columnist Larry Kim, summarising his speech at the recent iSummit in Orlando. Kim notes how sometimes the most effective forms of paid search engine optimisation aren’t the most expensive or complex. He outlines 3 effective and inexpensive PPC tactics which he regards are some of the best. These 3 are:

Force click-to-call in your mobile PPC ads

Firstly, stop driving traffic from mobile ads to your website, instead direct them straight to your business phone number so they have to call you for more information. With this technique, you’re far more likely to convert them into leads over the phone, rather than allowing potential clients to wander around your site before most likely losing interest. Around 97% of site visitors will be lost on the landing page, so make sure you get them on the phone before they slip away!

Target specific people, not just keywords

The second technique suggested is to “start thinking more about the person searching on that keyword.” Using Gmail sponsored promotions which can target people based on who they are getting e-mails from already with domain targeting, the keywords in their last 300 e-mails and other useful information. The ads appear in the top of the user’s inbox and look like a normal e-mail. There is a reported 11% e-mail open rate with this ad option – 4 or 5 times higher than the typical right side bar ad on Google.

First mover advantage 

Don’t limit yourself to only using Adwords! Although a fantastic PPC platform, there are others out there such as Facebook Ads and Bing Ads. Facebook adds can be hugely beneficial in targeting specific people and Bing have a 9% share of the search market, so they are both worth advertising on.

If you’re thinking about implementing the above techniques, The Click Hub are experts in this field. Recently accredited as part of the Google Partnership programme, we can efficiently increase your ROI and help you get more clicks. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

To read Larry Kim’s original article, follow the link below: