The Client

Roastworks are an independent company dedicated to roasting outstanding quality and fine-tasting coffee.

Their mission is to engage consumers by highlighting the specific qualities of each growing region, coffee varietal and processing method. They also produce Nespresso-compatible coffee pods.

The Challenge

The artisan coffee market has become very competitive.

With the steady rise in coffee consumption and more people looking for better quality products, the artisan coffee market has become very competitive. To launch their fantastic range of coffees, Roastworks needed a website that would attract consumers looking for quality and be able to compete with all of the other online coffee merchants.

The Strategy

We worked directly with the web developer to make sure that the website had a structure which would allow us to optimise for different groups of key search terms. This meant that we could have highly optimised pages without compromising the design or user experience. In order to increase the website's domain authority, we developed a content strategy which would earn links back from authentic and relevant websites.

The Results


year-on-year increase in organic traffic


Page one of Google’s search results for 6 highly competitive search terms

Once the website was well-optimised and its domain authority had increased through successful link-building, Roastworks were ranking for a range of relevant key search terms. This was directing good quality traffic that was converting into online sales. We are now pushing to compete for search terms relevant to their artisan Nespresso-compatible coffee pods, going up against some of the online heavyweights, so far with very positive results.

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