The Client

American air filter manufacturers K&N have a long history of producing the best performance filtration products for both motorsport and consumer use.

Since 1969, K&N have perfected their reusable air filter technology, simultaneously enhancing engine performance and reducing waste from filtration products. We worked directly with global media specialists DCT8 who gave an overall directive, whilst we focused on the PPC element of the campaign.

The Challenge

Although K&N already have a huge connection with the motorsport world, they needed to increase their brand awareness in the consumer automotive and aftermarket parts market in the UK.

A key objective was to communicate the unique benefits of the high-flow air filter product to people with an interest in car performance. In particular, K&N wanted to promote their vast catalogue of air filters developed for almost every car brand, model and engine type.

The Strategy

Our approach was to target users who indicated a clear interest in either performance cars or enhancing engine performance. We identified that the key benefits of the K&N product would resonate best with these audiences. We segmented the online search market into different groups of users, depending on their specific interests. Next, we tailored the ad messaging for each group using relevant product benefits. These users were then directed to the K&N site, where they could browse the full product inventory.

The Results


campaign ad impressions


unique users driven to product inventory

Over the course of 8 months, the PPC campaign brought in over 21,000 unique and new users to the K&N website, driving both brand awareness of their high-flow filter product and online sales. Data shows that consumers used the advanced search tool on the product inventory to find air filters specific to car makes, models, years and engine types. The campaign proved to be the most effective means of driving both brand awareness and website traffic.

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