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Tramadol Buying

The Challenge

The marketing team at JKR needed to better understand how people were interacting with the content of their website in order to add more structure to their social and content marketing strategies. In particular, they needed to be able to identify which social channels delivered the most engaged users and what content drove traffic to the website.

The Strategy

We set up tracking codes on the website to track specific marketing goals.

Using both Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, we set up tracking codes on the website to track specific marketing goals. These are used as a measure of engagement with the site and help to qualify different marketing activities. From the analytics data, it is then possible to analyse the quality of traffic coming from different sources and social media campaigns.

The Results


goals set up and being reported in the website analytics


hour training session with the marketing team

Based on the goals that the marketing team wanted to gain insight on, we set up 12 specific conversion goals on the website. To teach the team how to read and report these goals in the analytics data, we had a workshop in their studio and provided step-by-step guides that they could use. Ongoing support means the tracking codes will be kept updated as changes are made to the website and new goals can be created for new marketing objectives.