The Client

Remarkable food for remarkable people

Cru are a catering company who have a deep passion for food and drink and an unrivalled skill for perfect presentation and professionalism. Working on events from weddings to VIP camping at music festivals, Cru have a breadth of experience and expertise which sets them apart from the competition.

The Challenge

Each year, Cru provide catering for a VIP camping company at the UK's largest music festival. The event itself attracts a huge amount of interest and engagement on social media with an audience in the millions. The festival sets very strict rules around social media for their commercial partners and so our challenge was to produce a strategy which would maximise Cru's brand awareness on social media within these guidelines.

The Strategy

Cru's biggest asset was a library of outstanding visual content gathered from previous events

Throughout the 5 days of the event, we used Cru's great visual content to keep their social media accounts very active and constantly updated. We rotated the content depending on the time of day to reflect the food and drink that people would be most interested in and also proactively engaged with other people posting from or about the event.

The Results


unqiue posts on their social media channels


days of constant engagment and interaction

Over the course of the festival, the content we posted received a lot of engagement and exposure, vastly increasing the organic reach of Cru's brand within their target audience. Engagement was double the typical levels seen on their accounts and as a result, their following grew substantially.

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