Francis Louis

The Client

Francis Louis came to us with a completely new, independent real estate consultancy looking to establish a reputation in London's luxury property market. The business wanted complete a brand development service, requiring both the detailed brand design and the in-depth market research to produce an effective and professional brand.

The Challenge

London’s luxury property market attracts prestigious companies and investors from around the globe. Our challenge was to produce a professional, elegant design that gave Francis Louis’ brand that all-important strong first impression. Their brand also needed to be versatile, multiple variations of the logo were needed to be used on everything from social media to business cards, and be used a cross a range of effective marketing platforms.

The Strategy

After market research and creative brainstorming, we chose a calligraphic design for Francis Louis’ brand that would allow us to produce a variety of elegant brand logos and designs. The colour scheme of black, gold and white was chosen to illustrate the luxurious and professional elements of the company. Once the client approved our brand concept, we produced a large number of designs and worked closely with their web developers on to ensure that everything from their website to their headed paper was branded professionally.
Within three months of using our services, Francis Louis grew from only a company name to a fully brand developed company equipped with a professionally developed website, engaging social media platforms, business cards, headed paper and even iPhone backgrounds. A total of 104 pieces of artwork were produced in developing the brand and the client is now able to start trading with full confidence in their brand’s appearance.

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