04 May

Are you ready for mobile? Connect, Communicate, Convert

It’s time to think differently. With multiple marketing channels, increasingly demanding consumers and technology continuing to advance by the day, it can be more and more challenging to target your market effectively. Everywhere we glance,…

11 November

What The John Lewis Christmas Advert Can Teach Us About Effective Video Marketing

Last Friday saw John Lewis’ annual Christmas advert (the release of which has become something of a national event) hit televisions and Social Media news feeds across the country. As expected, the whole of the…

14 October

Free 30 Minute Consultation

If you're looking for ways make the most of the upcoming Christmas period, why not speak directly with an expert? For a limited time only, The Click Hub is offering a number of free, 30-minute phone consultations to…

06 October

Upgrading Your Website's Performance With Video Content

If you’re looking for fresh and effective marketing strategies to increase your business’ ROI, look no further than video content. Well executed video content is an outstandingly engaging method of communicating your brand values and…

05 October

The Importance of Correctly Labelling Your Images

With so much of today's standard SEO strategy emphasising the need to include your key search phrases as frequently as possible on your landing pages, how we label on-site images have started to follow suit.…

16 June

The Importance Of Good Imagery

Consolidate your brand values and the message that you want to communicate through your imagery.